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Shri Krishna Yog Sansthan

Sahyadri Colony, near Narmada Garden, New Sanghvi, Pune Pune, Maharashtra Pincode/ Zipcode - 411207

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Shri Krishna Yoga, Pune: Embrace Spiritual Harmony and Holistic Well-being

Nestled in the serene Sangvi area of Pune, Shri Krishna Yoga (SKY) stands as the origin institution of the Salvation group. Founded in October 2000 by Sachin Dhotre (Shri Gyan Das Maharaja), this esteemed institution has carved its own identity in the preaching and teaching of yoga. Today, Shri Krishna Yoga proudly holds the title of Maharashtra’s No.1 Yoga Institute, fostering the pursuit of a yogic life.

Why Choose Shri Krishna Yoga?

Timeless Wisdom of Yoga: Shri Krishna Yoga believes in imparting the thousand-year-old treasure that India offers to the world – yoga. It is not just a physical practice but a way of life, an appropriate path to attain holistic well-being. The institute provides theoretical and practical knowledge of various branches of yoga, including Rajyog, Bhaktlyog, Gyanyog, and Hathyog, with a focus on Rajyog and Hathayog.

Affiliation with SVYASA Yoga University: Shri Krishna Yoga has earned affiliation with SVYASA Yoga University, emphasising the credibility and authenticity of its teachings. The transcendental knowledge and experiences of yoga are made accessible to all who seek it at Shri Krishna Yoga, Pune.

Certificate and Diploma Courses: The institute conducts various certificate and diploma courses on yoga, offering a structured learning path for enthusiasts at different levels. These courses delve into the depths of yogic philosophy and practices, providing a comprehensive understanding for those aspiring to become adept in the art of yoga.

Spiritual Journey with a Global Community: Shri Krishna Yoga goes beyond the conventional master-disciple concept. It aims to provide a global platform for individuals on their spiritual journey, where experiences, needs, and problems can be shared and addressed collectively. Here, every participant is considered a friend, irrespective of caste, color, sex, religion, or nationality.

Humanitarian Approach: The institute values individual dignity and mutual respect, believing in the gathering of friends rather than a traditional master-disciple relationship. Shri Krishna Yoga welcomes individuals from all religions and nationalities, promoting a harmonious coexistence and the creation of a new chapter in the human journey.

Invoke Spiritual Consciousness at Shri Krishna Yoga

Shri Krishna Yoga is not just a branded form of spiritualism; it is a platform that transcends organised religion and invites individuals to embrace their shared humanity. It strives to invoke spiritual consciousness among the common, offering a space where diverse individuals can meet happily and contribute to a new chapter in humankind. By choosing Shri Krishna Yoga in Pune, one embarks on a transformative journey towards spiritual harmony, holistic well-being, and the timeless wisdom of yoga. Come, join the global community at Shri Krishna Yoga, and let the essence of yoga guide you on a path of inner peace and self-discovery.


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