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Vrinda School Of Yoga

south cliff, Near Amman Nada , Perumkulam, Arattu Road, Varkala, Kerala 695141

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Vrinda School Of Yoga, Varkala: Nurturing Authentic Yogic Education

Discover Vrinda School of Yoga, the beacon of authentic yogic education situated in the tranquil coastal town of Varkala. Certified by Yoga Alliance USA and recognized by the Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy Delhi, Vrinda School goes beyond conventional yoga teaching. It stands as the first academic school for teacher training courses in yoga in Varkala, offering a transformative journey towards becoming a qualified yoga teacher and therapist.

Information about the Institute: Vrinda School of Yoga, Varkala

At the heart of Vrinda School lies a unique blend of ancient traditional yoga and scientific knowledge. The school’s faculty comprises qualified Doctors of Yoga and Nature Cure, holding Master’s degrees from the esteemed Indian Government DR. M.G.R Medical University after eight and a half years of rigorous study. The syllabus at Vrinda School mirrors the rigor of a Bachelor of Science in Yoga (BSc Yoga) with a comprehensive duration of 3 years.

Led by Dr. Malathi, a distinguished yoga and nature cure doctor with a Master’s degree in Yoga, the academic program offers profound insights into human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, applied yoga, adjustment, and alignment. Dr. Malathi’s 14 years of experience in yoga teaching, research, and lecturing in medical colleges add depth to the teachings.

Vrinda School ensures a well-structured curriculum with academic classes and practical sessions. The focus is not only on transforming individuals into yoga teachers but also into yoga therapists. The course equips participants to teach and treat students and the wider public, embracing therapeutic and spiritual aspects with a scientific foundation.

Why People Should Visit Vrinda School of Yoga?

Academic Excellence: Vrinda School offers a unique academic program, equivalent to a Bachelor of Science in Yoga. With a curriculum focused on anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, participants receive a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of yoga, setting them on a path towards mastery.

Expert Faculty: Learn from Dr. Malathi, an experienced yoga and nature cure doctor, and Master’s degree holder. Benefit from her expertise in conducting research, publishing articles, and teaching in medical colleges, ensuring a blend of scientific precision with spiritual depth.

Scientifically Grounded Teachings: Vrinda School takes pride in providing teachings based on both science and spirituality. Classes incorporate proven scientific references, emphasizing therapeutical and spiritual dimensions. The curriculum explores the physiological changes induced by yoga practices, fostering a deeper understanding.

Gurukulam Style of Education: Immerse yourself in a residential Gurukulam style of education. The serene environment of Varkala enhances the transformative potential, shaping personalities and nurturing holistic development.

Authentic Yogic Diet: Vrinda School stands apart by offering the original, absolute yogic diet and its preparations. Unlike other schools, Vrinda School ensures participants experience the true essence of yogic dietary practices, aligning with the holistic principles of yoga.

Holistic Transformation: The 200-hour residential Yoga Teacher Training Course at Vrinda School aims to holistically transform knowledge into confident teaching. The course doesn’t just focus on yoga postures but emphasizes the comprehensive understanding needed to teach yoga confidently and holistically.

In essence, Vrinda School of Yoga invites individuals to embark on a journey of true yogic wisdom, blending academic excellence with spiritual depth. It is not just a school; it’s a sanctuary where authentic yogic teachings come to life, shaping individuals into confident and knowledgeable yoga teachers and therapists.



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