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Devi Krishna Building, Opposite Civil Station, Ayyanthole Thrissur, Kerala

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Embark on a Tranquil Odyssey at the Thrissur School of Yoga

The journey into holistic living begins at the School of Yoga in Thrissur, inviting individuals to explore the ancient practice in a modern sanctuary. Whether pursuing a Certificate, Diploma, BSc, or MSc in Yoga, participants unlock a pathway to wellness guided by experienced instructors. This unconventional adventure towards inner peace awaits those ready to roll out their yoga mats and delve into a world of tranquility.

Welcome to the Serenity of the School of Yoga in Thrissur

Dive into a unique fusion of tradition and innovation at our center, providing the perfect environment for a profound exploration of yoga’s depths. Offering a range of courses including Certificate in Yoga, Diploma in Yoga, BSc in Yoga, and MSc in Yoga, our dedicated instructors ensure that participants not only master the art but also experience personal growth and transformation.

Thrissur’s Yoga Oasis – Where Tradition and Asanas Converge

Situated in the heart of Thrissur, our school becomes a haven for yoga enthusiasts, blending the rich cultural heritage of the region with the mastery of yoga poses passed down through generations. From vibrant streets to calming yoga studios, Thrissur offers an ideal backdrop for embarking on a yoga journey.

Certificate in Yoga – A Gateway to Holistic Well-Being

Begin your transformative journey by enrolling in the Certificate in Yoga program. This foundational course immerses participants in the basics of yoga philosophy, asanas, and meditation techniques. Certified instructors guide each step, ensuring the establishment of a robust yoga practice for a lifetime.

Diploma in Yoga – Ascend to Greater Heights

Elevate your yoga practice with the Diploma in Yoga, delving deeper into the science behind yoga, exploring advanced asanas, and understanding the philosophy underpinning this ancient art. The comprehensive curriculum equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to become proficient yogis.

BSc in Yoga – Harmonising Science and Spirituality

For those seeking an academic approach, our BSc in Yoga program seamlessly blends scientific principles with the spirituality of yoga. Explore the anatomy of yoga, study physiological benefits, and gain a deeper understanding of how this ancient practice positively impacts the mind and body.

MSc in Yoga – Mastery in the Art of Well-Being

Aspire to master yoga? The MSc in Yoga program is crafted for those who wish to practice and share their wisdom. Dive into advanced teaching methods, research the latest trends in yoga therapy, and graduate with a profound understanding of the holistic benefits of yoga.

Your Yoga Odyssey Begins Now

At the School of Yoga in Thrissur, inclusivity is our belief, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, can experience the transformative power of yoga. Join us on this unconventional adventure towards inner peace, allowing the School of Yoga in Thrissur to illuminate your path to holistic well-being.

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