Founded by Swami Kuvalyananda in 1924, Kaivalyadhama is one of the oldest pioneering yoga institutes in the world. We follow the principles and philosophy of Patanjali;s Ashtanga Yoga, and take pride in teaching traditional yoga in its purest form, with a unique perspective.

Kaivalyadhama is the first Yoga institute to proactively conduct scientific research for demonstrating the benefits and uses of Yoga. We apply this knowledge to deliver holistic wellbeing and to impart Yogic wisdom globally.

Kaivalyadhama Lonavla Ashram is a large campus on 180 acres of parkland. There are three parts to the estate: a health centre that uses ayurveda, yoga and naturopathic medicine, a scientific research centre, and a yoga college that conducts short yoga courses, teacher training courses right through to fully accredited university degrees in yoga. Online courses are offered too and recently a blended 200 hrs yoga teacher training course has been added and become quite popular.

The ashram is an eclectic mix of locals and non-locals, Indians and foreigners. University students, patients detoxing from chemotherapy, travellers, and professors mingle easily on the grounds. In many ways Kaivalyadhama Lonavala Ashram is its own village. Unlike other ashrams, there is no locked-gate policy so visitors are welcome to roam freely in the surrounding area.

The easiest way to experience Kaivalyadhama's charms is through one of the three yoga packages. Each offers, naturally, yoga, with a focus on one of: Relaxation, Ayurveda, or Naturopathy. Packages are week-long, beginning on Sundays.

High in demand in the Yoga Teacher Training Course with a CYA International certification. Short yoga courses begin with the 10-day Certificate Course in Yoga. These are held twice each year, usually beginning in January and May (please check Kaivalyadhama?s website for more details) and the fee includes meals and a stay in a twin-share room.

Kaivalyadhama is notable for personalised programmes. The three-week Chronic Cures package is a great example: A new arrival is given an individual assessment and the allopathic (mainstream medicine) doctors work with naturopathic doctors as well as yoga instructors to tailor a treatment package designed specifically to address a range of conditions from high blood pressure to fibromyalgia.

Anyone who is uncomfortable in the heat should take note that air-conditioned rooms are available but do cost extra. Preference for AC can be added during the online booking process. Fortunately, Kaivalyadhama is located in Lonavla (also known as Lonavale), which is a temperate area in the hills and easily accessed by road or train. During October to March the climate is especially moderate and pleasant.

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