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Yogada India in Rishikesh Dehradun: A Spiritual Haven by the Ganges

Nestled in the embrace of the mystic Himalayas, on the banks of the holy Ganga in the serene village of Shivpuri, Yogada Ashram in Rishikesh stands as a testament to the timeless practice of yoga. Surrounded by the pure beauty of nature, just 20 minutes’ drive from Rishikesh, Yogada is situated in the land mentioned in Shiv Purana as the home of Lord Shiva, the Adi Yogi who first conceived yoga from the universe thousands of years ago in the Himalayas. Today, Yogada aims to channel the same ancient vibes of meditation and yoga practiced by the revered yogis of yore.

Yoga at Yogada: A Lifelong Journey to Bliss

For Yogada, yoga is not just a practice; it is a timeless journey that explores new frontiers within and takes participants to horizons where life is pure bliss in peace. It’s a journey with a purpose, offering fulfilment and contentment with every breath. The ashram lights the way to levitate and gently fly, touching new dimensions of life. Visitors are invited to be essential companions in this collective consciousness for a collective epic journey. Yogada provides unique offerings, including 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses, wellness retreats, Ayurveda Yoga & meditation sessions, and multi-day retreats in Rishikesh.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

200 Hours Yoga Training Course:

Yogada conducts a comprehensive 21-day and 20-night 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. This program not only guides participants in the right kind of yoga per the ancient Indian system but also ensures a strong foundation for lifelong practice.

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course:

For a deeper understanding of yoga, Yogada offers a 28-day and 27-night 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Participants learn, practice, and fine-tune various aspects of yoga, including asanas, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, and higher dimensions of the practice.

Short Yoga Courses in Rishikesh:

Yogada Ashram Retreat also hosts short yoga courses, such as the 33-hour Initiation to Sattya Yoga, the 66-hour Manthan: Churn Thy Self, and the 99-hour Maha Manthan: Churn Thy Self Deep. These courses provide a strong foundation and understanding of true yoga, preparing individuals for a continuous yoga journey.

Wellness Retreats: A Holistic Experience

Being situated in the Himalayan foothills, Yogada utilises rare herbs for Ayurvedic treatments in its unique wellness retreats. The retreats incorporate yoga and meditation sessions, ensuring a transformative impact on the body, mind, and soul.

Atam Sukha – Pampering Thyself:

A wellness program combining rare meditation and Ayurveda, Atam Sukha offers gentle yoga sessions, nature hikes, and special sessions on sound healing. Options include 4 days & 3 nights, 7 days & 6 nights, and 10 days & 9 nights.

Atam Ananda: Experiencing the Happiness Within:

A 10-day, 9-night program systematically designed to work on the body with asanas and Ayurveda, leading to a higher consciousness level with meditation and culminating in sound healing.

Param Ananda: Living in Ecstasy – A Pure Bliss:

A 15-day, 14-night wellness program that prepares the body with yoga and Ayurveda, leads the mind with unique meditation sessions and transcends to healing the body and cleansing the energy body. It takes participants to a new world of pure bliss in peace.

Why Visit Yogada India in Rishikesh Dehradun

Yogada India offers more than just yoga; it provides a spiritual haven where individuals can embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Here are compelling reasons to visit:

Authentic Yoga Experience: Yogada is situated in the birthplace of yoga, offering authentic teachings rooted in ancient traditions.

Serene Himalayan Location: The ashram’s location amidst the Himalayan foothills provides a serene and picturesque backdrop for spiritual practice.

Expertly Crafted Courses: The meticulously designed Yoga Teacher Training courses ensure a strong foundation and understanding of yoga principles.

Holistic Wellness Retreats: Yogada‘s wellness retreats combine yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation for a transformative and long-lasting impact on the body, mind, and soul.

Small Batches for Personal Attention: With limited batch sizes, Yogada ensures personalised attention, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for every participant.

Visit Yogada India in Rishikesh Dehradun and become a part of a sacred journey where yoga transcends the physical and leads to a profound spiritual awakening. The ashram welcomes seekers from all walks of life to experience the timeless essence of yoga in the lap of the Himalayas.


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