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Suyojana Hall Lane - 5, after Nature's Basket, opp. Lotus hotel, Koregaon park, Pune-1.

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The Yoga Light Studios: Nurturing Wellness Through Traditional Hatha Yoga in Pune

Situated in the heart of Pune, The Yoga Light Studios stands as a beacon of holistic well-being, having imparted the art of Hatha Yoga for the past two decades. This esteemed institution has seamlessly blended traditional Hatha and Ashtanga techniques with Iyengar yoga, offering a diverse range of classes for health, fitness, therapy, weight loss, pregnancy, kids’ and senior citizens’ health, feminine wellness, corporate training, and more.

Why People Should Visit The Yoga Light Studios:

Legacy of Two Decades:

With a rich legacy spanning two decades, The Yoga Light Studios has been a cornerstone in Pune’s wellness landscape. The institute’s commitment to imparting the essence of Hatha Yoga reflects in its enduring presence and the positive transformations witnessed by countless practitioners.

Traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Techniques:

The Yoga Light Studios adheres to the authentic teachings of traditional Hatha and Asana, Pranayama, Iyengar, Surya namaskar, Relaxation, Weight loss, Pregnancy, Therapy techniques. Practitioners experience the purity and depth of these time-tested methods, fostering a profound connection between mind, body, and spirit.

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Iyengar Yoga Integration:

The integration of Iyengar yoga adds precision and alignment to the practice. This thoughtful incorporation enhances the therapeutic aspects of yoga, addressing various ailments related to orthopedic, endocrine, reproductive, respiratory, cardiac, and mental systems.

Tailor-Made Classes for Varied Purposes:

The institute caters to a wide spectrum of needs, offering tailor-made classes for health, fitness, therapy, weight loss, pregnancy, kids, senior citizens, feminine wellness, and corporate training. The diverse classes ensure that individuals can find a practice that aligns with their specific goals and requirements.

Special Classes for Serious Disorders and Disabilities:

The Yoga Light Studios goes the extra mile by conducting special classes for serious disorders and disabilities. This inclusive approach exemplifies the institute’s dedication to making yoga accessible to individuals facing unique health challenges.

Workshops on Specialised Topics:

Regular workshops on specialised topics of yoga are conducted, providing participants with a deeper understanding of specific aspects of their practice. These workshops contribute to the continuous learning and growth of practitioners.

Certified Teacher’s Training Batches:

The institute hosts tailor-made batches for Certified Teacher’s Training, ensuring that aspiring instructors receive in-depth knowledge across all aspects of yoga. This comprehensive training program has produced hundreds of successful yoga teachers, contributing to the propagation of this ancient wisdom.

Successful Yoga Vocations:

The Yoga Light Studios takes pride in the success of its alumni who have become certified yoga teachers and are running their yoga vocations successfully. This is a testament to the institute’s effective training and the enduring impact of its teachings.

The Yoga Light Studios in Pune invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey of well-being through the time-honoured practice of Hatha Yoga. With a focus on authenticity, inclusivity, and comprehensive training, this institute remains a revered destination for those seeking a holistic approach to health and self-discovery.


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