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The Yoga Institute Shri Yogendra Marg, Prabhat Colony, Santacruz East Mumbai City, Maharashtra Pincode/ Zipcode - 400055

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The Yoga Institute Mumbai: Embracing a Century of Yogic Wisdom

Founded in 1918 by the revered yogi Shri Yogendra Ji, The Yoga Institute in Mumbai stands as the world’s first established yoga centre, pioneering the modern yoga Renaissance. Shri Yogendra Ji, often hailed as the father of the modern yoga movement, laid the foundation for a transformative journey that has impacted millions of lives worldwide. The institute, recognised with the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award, holds a 100-year legacy, making it the oldest organised yoga centre globally.

The enduring spirit of The Yoga Institute lies in its 100-year legacy, deeply rooted in the ideals, wisdom, and practices of Yoga. Shri Yogendra Ji’s vision paved the way for a global commitment to self-transformation through Yoga, inspiring the training of over 100,000 yoga teachers across the globe. Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, the beloved and esteemed Director, continues to lead the institute with grace and simplicity, touching the lives of millions through her teachings.

The Yoga Institute is more than just an institution; it is a source of deep commitment to self-transformation. With a significant contribution to yoga education, standardisation of practices, research, and experiential learning, the institute has earned widespread recognition.

Why People Should Visit the Yoga Institute Mumbai

Legacy of Wisdom: As the world’s oldest yoga centre, The Yoga Institute Mumbai offers a unique opportunity to connect with a century-old legacy. The teachings have been a source of inspiration for millions, fostering inner transformation, mental peace, and healthy living.

Guiding Inner Journeys: The institute guides individuals on a journey to find calm and balance within themselves. It strives to help people create a centre, a still point, amidst life’s challenges, becoming a source for mental and physical fitness and joyous living.

Tailored Courses for All Ages: The Yoga Institute offers courses specifically designed for various age groups, addressing diverse challenges such as work-life balance, stress reduction, insomnia treatment, and enhancement of focus, concentration, and productivity. Popular courses include the 21-Day Better Living Course, Teacher Training Course, and the 7-Day Healthy Living Course.

Holistic Approach to Classical Yoga: The institute adheres to the tenets of Classical Yoga, incorporating multiple yoga philosophies like Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and Laya Yoga. The approach is to make traditional yogic practices accessible and relevant to the common person in the modern world.

Adaptation to Modern Challenges: The Yoga Institute takes pride in adapting traditional yogic practices to address the challenges of the global, modern world. It presents a unique blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary relevance, making yoga accessible to individuals navigating the complexities of modern life.

Transformational Courses: Every course offered at The Yoga Institute Mumbai is designed to deliver organic and holistic results. Drawing from over100 years of legacy, research, and knowledge, these life-changing courses cater to those seeking revitalisation of mind and body or a break from a hectic lifestyle.

The Yoga Institute Mumbai invites individuals to be part of a new Yogic movement, where ancient wisdom meets the challenges of the modern world. Explore the countless transformative courses to embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being.

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