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Hosana Mount, Edamattom, Kottayam Dist. Kottayam, Kerala

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Santhi Yoga International: Where Tranquility Meets Transformation in Kottayam

Welcome to Santhi Yoga International, a beacon of yogic wisdom nestled in the serene landscapes of Kottayam, Kerala. Established in 2010 under the umbrella of the Santhi Yoga Charitable Society, this institution transcends the ordinary, dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Yoga Science at both national and international levels.

About Santhi Yoga International:

Santhi Yoga International Teacher Training and Research Foundation, an esteemed unit of the Santhi Yoga Charitable Society, operates under the Travancore Cochin Act 1955. The foundation has been instrumental in shaping competent yoga teachers through approved Yoga TTC (YTTC & AYTTC) Programs by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International. The courses, designed for convenience and affordability, aim to instil the true essence of yoga in the lives of aspirants.

Why Visit Santhi Yoga International:

Holistic Approach to Yoga: Santhi Yoga International believes in the holistic development of individuals. Through a unique Gurukula System of Education, students not only learn yoga but also experience a transformative journey that nurtures mind, body, and soul.

Serene Ashram-Like Environment: The retreat centre in Kerala offers a beautiful and tranquil ashram-like residential setup. The peaceful surroundings create an ideal atmosphere for individuals to immerse themselves in the yogic experience.

Eminent Faculties and Intensive Training: With a team of professional yoga teachers certified by the AYUSH Dept. Govt. of India, Santhi Yoga International provides intensive training and learning opportunities. The emphasis is on all-round development, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of yoga principles.

Yoga Therapy and Consultation: Beyond traditional yoga, the institute offers yoga therapy consultations for various health conditions, including asthma, diabetes, hypertension, back pain, and headaches. The approach integrates yoga with expert counselling for the speedy recovery of psychosomatic disorders.

Cultural Exploration: Santhi Yoga International embraces the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. The institute showcases traditional arts forms and martial arts, providing students with a holistic experience beyond yoga practice.

Placement Opportunities and Support: The institute doesn’t just focus on education; it is committed to supporting its students in their yoga journey. Expert assistance for placement opportunities is provided, ensuring a smooth transition for aspiring yoga teachers.

National and International Engagements: Santhi Yoga International actively participates in national and international seminars, camps, and workshops on yoga. This engagement not only broadens the horizons for students but also fosters a sense of community and global connection.

Holiday Sightseeing Trips: The institute believes in balance and offers holiday sightseeing trips to beautiful places. These excursions provide a refreshing break, allowing students to rejuvenate and connect with nature.

Sattvic Balanced Vegetarian Diet: Santhi Yoga International understands the importance of a balanced lifestyle. A Sattvic vegetarian yogic diet is provided, contributing to overall well-being.

Access to Resources: The institute offers access to a well-equipped library within the campus, providing students with valuable resources for their studies and research.

In essence, Santhi Yoga International is not just a place to learn yoga; it is a transformative sanctuary where individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, holistic well-being, and cultural exploration. Visit Santhi Yoga International in Kottayam and experience the harmonious blend of tradition, wisdom, and serenity.

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