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Om Sampoorn Yoga

C/O Yoga Niketan Ashram, Muni - Ki - Reti, Rishikesh Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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Om Sampoorn Yoga in Rishikesh: A Spiritual Haven by the Ganges

Nestled in the spiritual heartland of Rishikesh, Om Sampoorn Yoga invites you to embark on a transformative journey through the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. Located by the sacred river Ganga and cradled by the majestic Himalayas, this serene retreat is a sanctuary for those seeking relaxation, self-discovery, and a deeper connection to their true selves.

Why a Yoga/Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh, often hailed as the world’s capital of yoga, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and spiritual richness. Situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges River and surrounded by the Himalayas, it is the perfect setting for daily spiritual ceremonies, rituals, and yoga practices. The ambiance of ancient temples, holy caves, and the presence of sadhus and gurus make Rishikesh an ideal environment to deepen personal awareness and immerse oneself in the transformative journey of yoga, both on and off the mat.

Why Visit Om Sampoorn Yoga?

Customisable Retreats:

Whether you seek stress relief, relaxation, energy rejuvenation, or a more profound connection to your divine nature, Om Sampoorn Yoga offers customisable retreats designed to meet your individual needs and schedule. From beginner to advanced practitioners, everyone is welcome to choose from a variety of styles, ensuring a tailored experience.

Multi-Style Yoga Practices:

Drawing inspiration from the teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga and Sivananda Vedanta Academy, Om Sampoorn Yoga offers multi-style dynamic Hatha yoga/Vinyasa flow. Emphasising proper alignment and connection to breath, they also incorporate Kriya yoga—a comprehensive spiritual practice that includes mudra, pranayama, mantra, and postures for tranquility and a deeper self-connection.

Meditation Bliss:

Explore various meditation techniques, from Chakra to one-pointed and guided meditation, allowing your mind to move without attachment. This mind-calming experience benefits all students, providing a tranquil space for inner reflection and peace.

Yin Yoga for Balance:

Om Sampoorn Yoga introduces Yin Yoga, a slow-paced, meditative practice that holds postures for an extended period. This gentle approach improves flexibility and invites inner silence for a deeper state of relaxation, suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Restorative Practices:

Unwind with Restorative Yoga, where supported poses facilitate passive stretching. Focusing on breath and inner connection, this slow-paced practice invites a complete relaxation of mind, body, and spirit, welcoming practitioners of all levels.

Pranayama Vitality:

At the core of any yoga practice, Pranayama, or breathing techniques, are explored at Om Sampoorn Yoga. With different options offered in each class, students can deepen their connection to life force energy, enhancing focus and stress relief.

Meet Yogi Vimal: A Living Yogi

Yogi Vimal, born and raised in Rishikesh, brings a wealth of experience to Om Sampoorn Yoga. His transformative journey began at the Bihar School of Yoga and continued at the Sivananda Vedanta Academy. Following a year-long solitary retreat in a cave on the banks of the Ganga, Vimal emerged with a profound understanding of living a yogic lifestyle. For the past decade, he has shared his expertise through daily classes, workshops, and retreats, bringing a modern outlook to classical yoga teachings. His authentic, spiritually charged classes aim to instill life-changing wisdom into daily routines, fostering a more joyful and purposeful life.

Om Sampoorn Yoga in Rishikesh is not just a retreat; it’s an invitation to discover the transformative power of yoga and meditation amidst the spiritual energy of this sacred land. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the Ganges and the wisdom of Yogi Vimal for a journey towards inner peace and holistic well-being.



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