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Nath Yoga Ashram

Nath Yoga Ashram near Laxman Jhulliam Dehradun, Uttarakhand Pincode/ Zipcode - 249302

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Nath Yoga Ashram, Dehradun: Where Serenity Meets Yoga Mastery

Situated amidst the tranquil landscapes of Dehradun, Nath Yoga Ashram stands as a sanctuary for those seeking profound yogic experiences. As a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School, Nath Ashram is a global destination renowned for its comprehensive offerings in Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats, Ayurveda, Meditation, and Spiritual Transformation.

Why People Should Visit Nath Yoga Ashram?

Yoga Alliance Certified Excellence:

Nath Yoga Ashram is not just a yoga school; it’s a Yoga Alliance Certified institution. Offering 200 and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC), including Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Multistyle Yoga, the ashram provides a transformative journey deeply rooted in the ancient Nath Yoga Tradition.

Nath Tradition and Yogic Wisdom:

Rooted in the timeless Tantric Traditions, the Nath Yoga teachings have evolved in the Himalayas after years of profound study and research. The ashram’s main school in Varanasi, India, is a testament to its commitment to preserving the authenticity of yoga.

Holistic Approach to Yoga:

With a team of exceptional teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, and the perpetual yogic ambiance of Rishikesh, Nath Yoga Ashram offers a diverse range of yoga experiences tailored to meet individual needs. The holistic approach incorporates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Tranquil Himalayan Location:

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Nath Yoga Ashram provides an ideal environment for personal growth. Surrounded by lush greenery, trees, and gardens, the ashram’s campus in Rishikesh is a haven of tranquility and serenity.

Flexible Yoga Training Options:

Nath Yoga Ashram understands the diversity of its students. Offering monthly batches of Yoga Teacher Training Courses, the ashram ensures flexibility to accommodate different budgets and experience levels. Regardless of the option chosen, students cultivate a profound understanding of yoga and its transformative practice.

Beyond Yoga: Ayurveda, Healing, and More:

Nath Yoga Ashram goes beyond traditional yoga offerings. The ashram provides programs in Ayurveda, Healing, Reiki, Saman Kriya, and Tantra Yoga Courses and Retreats, allowing visitors to explore various holistic practices.

Preservation of Traditional Yoga Styles:

The ashram is dedicated to preserving traditional styles of yoga. Through its teacher training programs, Nath Yoga Ashram incorporates the essence of the yogic life and traditional yoga methods.

Experienced Teachers and Intimate Setting:

Nath Yoga Ashram’s qualified teachers guide practitioners through an unforgettable journey into the yogic life. With a focus on small class sizes and an intimate setting, the ashram works on an individual basis, providing tailored guidance to help students deepen their practice and unlock their true potential.

Embark on a transformative yogic journey at Nath Yoga Ashram, Dehradun, where the serene Himalayan surroundings harmonise with the authentic teachings of yoga. Discover the essence of yoga through a Yoga Alliance Certified institution committed to preserving tradition and fostering holistic well-being.


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