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Namaste Yoga Farm

Kudle Beach Road, Gokarna Uttara Kannada (Karwar), Karnataka

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Embark on a Serene Retreat at Namaste Yoga Farm, Karnataka

Nestled on the sun-kissed shores of Kudle Beach, Namaste Yoga Farm is not just an abode; it’s a sanctuary crafted from the dreams and dedication of its founders. In 2006, a couple sought refuge from the hustle of the Western world, immersing themselves in the realms of yoga and meditation. Their journey, guided by unwavering commitment, led them to establish this haven on the serene beaches of Gokarna.

Since its inception in 2007, Namaste Yoga Farm has evolved into a testament to beauty, comfort, and tranquility. Treehouses, initially perched on a cashew tree and later on various banyan trees, stand as unique manifestations of childhood dreams. Collaborating with local artisans, the founders have transformed the property into a haven for wellness, earning the 15th Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Luisa and the Art of Holistic Living

Luisa and her husband, the founders, extend a warm welcome to guests, ensuring not just comfort but a delightful experience. The stay includes twice-daily yoga classes against the backdrop of the idyllic setting, enriching the serenity of the environment. Committed to guest satisfaction, they are readily available to address any concerns, embodying the essence of Indian hospitality.

Journey to Zenlike Yoga Farms

India has become a second home for Luisa and her husband, with the majority of their years spent here since the establishment of Namaste Yoga Farm. Their journey spans across Europe, organising retreats along the Spanish coast and exploring Germany and Spain. The evolution of their journey led to the creation of Zenlike Yoga Farms Private Limited in 2014, operating under the brand name Namaste Yoga Farm.

Why Namaste Yoga Farm?

Exceptional Recognition:

Namaste Yoga Farm has earned the TripAdvisor “Travelers’ Choice” award, a recognition achieved by only 1% of all businesses. The Certificate of Excellence, along with this accolade, reflects the commitment to providing an exceptional experience for guests.

Eco-Tourism Commitment:

Beyond its physical beauty, Namaste Yoga Farm is a proponent of eco-tourism. The use of natural materials such as volcanic stones, coconut wood, and coconut fiber mattresses in their eco cottages showcases a dedication to environmental sustainability. The spread of awareness about plastic pollution, discontinuation of plastic straws and bags, and responsible waste disposal further exemplify their eco-friendly practices.

Local Empowerment:

The founders actively contribute to the local economy by providing employment to around seven local individuals, ensuring each receives above-average wages. Donations to local charities and initiatives to support the local populace showcase a commitment to giving back to the community.

Holistic Travel Principles:

Following eco-tourism principles, Namaste Yoga Farm emphasises building awareness and respect for the environment and local culture. The goal is to provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts, ensuring direct financial benefits for conservation and empowering local communities.

In essence, Namaste Yoga Farm invites travelers to embark on a retreat that goes beyond a conventional vacation. It is an invitation to experience serenity, contribute to environmental preservation, and support local communities—a journey that transcends borders and leaves a positive impact.

Inhale the freshness, exhale the serenity – Namaste Yoga Farm awaits your holistic journey.


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