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Heal-In Sutra: A Holistic Wellness Haven in South Delhi

Welcome to Heal-In Sutra, a sanctuary for holistic well-being situated in the heart of South Delhi. Founded in 2010 by the internationally renowned yoga teacher and Naturopath doctor, Ms. Shilpa Kohli, Heal-In Sutras is not just a yoga class or studio but a transformative journey towards overall well-being. Offering a unique blend of naturopathy, yoga, nutrition, and therapeutic practices, Heal-In Sutra stands as an all-encompassing wellness destination.

Heal-In Sutras is the brainchild of Dr. Shilpa Kohli, a multifaceted expert in naturopathy, yoga, nutrition, and therapeutic techniques. Dr. Kohli, along with her team, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked with clients worldwide in prenatal, postnatal, and fertility yoga training. The institution takes pride in its rigorous selection process for certified trainers, ensuring that only the best, most passionate professionals join the Heal-In family.

Why People Should Choose Heal-In Sutra

Multifaceted Expertise: Dr. Shilpa Kohli, the driving force behind Heal-In Sutras, is not just a yoga teacher; she is a doctor in naturopathy, a nutritionist, and an acupressure, color, and magnet therapist. This diverse expertise allows Heal-In Sutra to offer a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being.

Life-Changing Wellness: Beyond traditional yoga, Heal-In Sutra specialises in diet and lifestyle change consulting, recognising that true well-being encompasses more than just physical exercise. The institution is dedicated to being a life-changer, guiding individuals towards healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Global Experience: With extensive experience catering to clients worldwide, particularly in prenatal, postnatal, and therapeutic yoga, Heal-In Sutras brings a global perspective to its wellness offerings. The institution’s teachings are enriched by insights gained from diverse cultural and health backgrounds.

Certified Trainers: The commitment to excellence is evident in Heal-In Sutra’s selection of trainers. Each trainer undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only certified professionals with a minimum of three years of experience join the team. This meticulous selection process sets a high standard for the quality of instruction.

Customised Sessions: Heal-In Sutras stands out for its dedication to customisation. Recognising that every individual has unique health requirements, the institution constructs personalised yoga sessions after a thorough analysis of clients’ health conditions. This tailored approach ensures that each client receives a wellness plan suited to their specific needs.

Online Yoga Platform: Embracing the digital age, Heal-In Sutras offers online yoga training, specialising in pre-natal, post-natal, and therapeutic yoga sessions. The online platform allows individuals to access customised yoga sessions, diet plans, and lifestyle changes from the comfort of their homes.

Holistic Well-being: The Heal-In Advantage lies in its holistic approach. The institution integrates diet plans and lifestyle changes tailored to each client’s body and health needs. With a commitment to overall well-being, Heal-In Sutras goes beyond being a yoga class; it is a passionate endeavour dedicated to transforming lives.

Heal-In Sutra in South Delhi beckons individuals seeking a profound journey towards holistic well-being. With its seasoned experts, customised sessions, and a commitment to overall wellness, Heal-In Sutras stands as a beacon of transformative wellness in the heart of the bustling city.


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