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Golden Glow Yoga College UK Ltd.

Golden Glow Yoga College UK Ltd.: Nurturing Serenity in Cornwall, UK
In the heart of UK, nestled between the serene landscapes of Cork and Galway, lies the Golden Glow Yoga College (GGYC), an oasis of tranquillity founded in 2006 by the esteemed Dr. Sri Radha Sharon O’Neill. What started as a humble studio has blossomed into a beacon of yogic wisdom and holistic well-being, offering a diverse range of programs tailored for all abilities and ages.

The Evolution of Golden Glow Yoga College: A Journey to Wellness
GGYC’s journey traces back to its roots in Southern India, where Dr. Sri Radha underwent Senior Yoga Training on three transformative occasions. Fuelled by a passion for sharing the profound teachings of yoga, GGYC and Yoga Alliance International (YAI) UK were officially registered in 2013. Under the guidance of Dr. Sri Radha, the College emerged as UK’s leading YAI Centre, seamlessly blending its Indian heritage with the rich yogic tapestry of the West.

A Glimpse into the Soul of GGYC: Dr. Sri Radha Sharon O’Neill
Affectionately known as Sri Radha, Dr. Sri Radha Sharon O’Neill is not just a name but a testament to over 18 years of dedicated yoga teaching. A Senior Trainer with a wealth of experience, Sri Radha holds a BCL Hons and a PhD in Yoga, earning her the distinction of being a Doctor of Yoga. Her commitment to art extends beyond borders, with her influence reaching both Ireland and the UK.

Courses at GGYC: A Holistic Journey Towards Well-being
GGYC offers a hybrid approach to learning, seamlessly combining live training with convenient online access. Dr. Sri Radha leads the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Course in both Ireland and the UK, empowering students with the art and science of yoga. The College also provides specialised training with 300-hour YAP and 500-hour YAI Senior Yoga Teachers courses.

The 100-hour Diploma course is a gateway to self-empowerment, fostering confidence and enhancing teaching abilities. The benefits extend beyond the physical classroom, with a 5 Star Benefits package that includes access to additional training sessions and a treasure trove of online resources.

Why Choose Golden Glow Yoga College: A Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Soul
With a legacy as the former Director of Yoga Alliance International in UK from 2013-2020, an Ambassador for SriMa Transformational Yoga, and a Senior Trainer for Yoga Alliance Professionals, Dr. Sri Radha stands as one of UK’s most experienced and qualified Senior yoga teachers. The welcoming atmosphere of GGYC, combined with Dr. Sri Radha’s expertise, creates an environment where students can deepen their practice, enrich their teaching skills, and embark on a holistic journey towards well-being.

For those seeking a sanctuary to immerse themselves in the transformative teachings of yoga, Golden Glow Yoga College beckons, inviting individuals to experience the serenity that comes from embracing the ancient wisdom of yoga in the heart of UK.


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