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17/194 Pooja Flats, Near Himmatlal park, Azaad society, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad-380015, Gujarat, India.

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Damaru Yoga Center: A Haven for Holistic Well-being in the Heart of Gujarat

Nestled in the lively city of Ahmedabad, Damaru Yoga Center beckons individuals seeking solace amid the perpetual hustle of life. Rooted in the profound symbolism of the cosmic Damaru, this center embodies the transformative power of sound and yoga, aiming to touch and reshape the lives it encounters.

The Genesis of Damaru

Damaru represents the genesis and dissolution of the cosmos, a universal sound from which creation emerged. Founded in July 2016 amidst the serenity of the Himalayas, Damaru was conceived as a revelation to Mauli Bavisker. Drawing inspiration from her 18-year transformative journey and mastery of diverse modalities, Mauli envisioned Damaru as a space to share ancient techniques for complete well-being and vibrance.

Services Offered at Damaru

At Damaru, diversity is celebrated in the realm of wellness. The center offers an integrated approach, combining authentic traditional yogic practices with cutting-edge scientific research. The services provided cater to individual needs, promoting overall health and inner peace.

Group Yoga:

Damaru believes in the universality of yoga, tailoring classes to individuals of all ages, abilities, shapes, sizes, experiences, and health conditions. Small class sizes ensure personalised attention, combining yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation for a comprehensive wellness experience.

Sound Therapy:

Harnessing the ancient healing power of sound, Damaru offers passive receptive healing through vibratory methods and active participatory co-creative methods, including chanting Vedic mantras. The center boasts a sound bed, Tibetan healing bowls, and various instruments tuned to specific harmonics for a unique sound-healing experience.

One-On-One Therapy:

Customised health regimes kick-start with one-on-one therapy sessions. Drawing from expertly designed combinations of yogic principles, these sessions focus on achieving specific spiritual, psychological, and physiological goals.

Vedic Chanting:

Combining sound, breath, and rhythm, Vedic chanting at Damaru energises the mind and body. The practice stimulates marma points and the hypothalamus, contributing to improved mental and physical health.

Children and Teen Yoga:

Yogic tools guide children to channel energy, fostering calmness, creativity, and self-discipline. Teenagers benefit from enhanced problem-solving skills, emotional management, and relaxation techniques.

Pregnancy and Motherhood:

Mauli Bavisker, a certified International Prenatal Yoga Teacher, offers authentic pregnancy yoga to empower women with safe practices and scientific knowledge during this transformative phase.

YogaNidra, Meditation, and Pranayama:

These practices intertwine spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, promoting relaxation and peace of mind. Damaru guides clients through deep relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation for overall well-being.

Yogic Counseling:

Damaru introduces yogic counseling to explore universal truths, harmonising internal and external environments to alleviate stress and psychosomatic illnesses.

Corporate Wellness Programs:

Damaru extends corporate wellness programs to ensure employees’ happiness, health, and efficiency through stress management initiatives and interventions.

Walk-In Classes for Yoga:

For those curious about Damaru’s ambiance and transformative effects, walk-in classes every Wednesday offer an opportunity to experience the center before making a commitment.

Yoga Retreats:

Escape the city hustle with Damaru’s yoga retreats, designed with unique themes. Retreats provide a refreshing change and spiritual growth, blending seamlessly with nature.

Kayakalpa: A Transformative Intense Yoga Batch:

This specially designed 2-month intense yoga program focuses on transforming physical, psychological, and emotional health, promoting anti-aging, youthfulness, and longevity.

Damaru Yoga Center stands as a beacon of holistic well-being, offering a diverse array of services to individuals seeking transformative experiences on their journey to complete wellness. Step into Damaru, where ancient wisdom harmonises with modern lifestyle for a truly unique and enriching encounter.

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