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Citter Tirumular Yogam Illam

Chidambaram Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu Pincode/ Zipcode - 608002

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Citter Tirumular Yogam Illam located at Annamalai Nagar in the state of Tami Nadu, is one of the most wonderful home and spiritual retreats for people who love to gain an understanding of the deep-rooted origin of Tamil culture and ancient yogic practices. Citter Tirumular having acquired this profound knowledge directly from Lord Shiva himself was a pioneer in bringing forth the cosmic root of the expanded facets of creation including body alchemy and immortality. Conferred with this cult recognition, Citter Tirumalar Yogam Illam have earned a name and credit for countless years for their teachings in Tamil language. One of the vital facts is that this cult has redefined the ideology of ancient yogic and meditative practices and made it accessible to people for their self-analysis and spiritual elevation.

A lot of innovations have been brought in to bring quality human development to abide by nature’s law and leave a healthy life with a purposeful meaning to one’s existence. At Citters, you are helped to use the mind and body as a tool to go beyond the limitations of time, space, and causation, helping one to reach a supreme state of consciousness. The Gurukulam welcomes people who are genuinely interested in this transformative journey and are ready to commit to spiritual growth preserving their body as a temple through yogic practices to preserve the soul – the all-pervading entity. This is done by the true awakening of Kundalini, a profound practice leading to embodied wisdom, transforming all aspects of human life into a divine existence.


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