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Ashtanga Nirvta

Nirvrta Estate, Basarahalli, Heggadde Village, Sakleshpur Taluk Hassan, Karnataka

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Embark on Serenity: Ashtanga Nirvrta in Karnataka

Nestled in the breathtaking Western Ghats of South India, Ashtanga Nirvrta is a haven of joy, offering a unique Ashtanga Yoga homestay retreat. This sanctuary is dedicated to the practice and teachings of traditional Ashtanga Yoga in the Mysore style, led by the experienced and KPJAYI Advanced Certified Teacher, Philippa Asher. From beginners to advanced B Series Ashtanga practitioners, everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Institute Offerings

Ashtanga Nirvrta stands out by providing a blend of traditional Ashtanga guided self-practice in the mornings, accompanied by weekly Sanskrit-counted led classes. Led by Philippa Asher, the institute ensures a personalised and enriching experience for all participants, limiting each retreat to a maximum of eight guests. This intimate setting allows Philippa to offer individualised teaching and support, making the retreat a truly transformative experience.

Unique Retreat Features

The retreat is designed to be a dedicated yoga experience rather than a holiday filled with distractions. Guests are encouraged to embrace the spirit of yoga while finding joy in the rustic surroundings of nature. The holistic approach to yoga at Ashtanga Nirvrta extends beyond the practice on the mat.

Bespoke Afternoon Workshops

The institute’s afternoon workshops, tailored to the group’s needs, cover a range of topics including the concepts of the Ashtanga method, technique and safe alignment, Sanskrit vinyasa counts, body opening, yoga philosophy, history, chanting, pranayama, meditation, Q&A/conference, and Exploring the Art of Adjusting Ashtanga Asana (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced Series). This diversity ensures a comprehensive understanding of Ashtanga Yoga beyond the physical postures.

Why Visit Ashtanga Nirvrta?

Guidance by an Expert: Led by Philippa Asher, a KPJAYI Advanced Certified Teacher, participants have the opportunity to learn and practice under the guidance of a seasoned practitioner with a deep understanding of Ashtanga Yoga.

Personalised Attention: With a maximum of eight guests per retreat, individuals receive personalised attention and teaching, allowing for a more profound and enriching yoga experience.

Holistic Retreat Experience: Ashtanga Nirvrta invites guests to immerse themselves in a true yoga retreat, fostering an environment where the spirit of yoga can be embraced fully. The serene natural surroundings complement the holistic approach to yoga.

Traditional Ashtanga Practice: The institute focuses on preserving the authenticity of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, ensuring a genuine and transformative practice for practitioners of all levels.

Rustic Joyful Setting: Embrace the joy of yoga in a rustic setting surrounded by the beauty of the Western Ghats. Ashtanga Nirvrta offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Embark on a journey of serenity, self-discovery, and joyful yoga practice at Ashtanga Nirvrta in Karnataka. Experience the transformative power of Ashtanga Yoga in a tranquil haven led by a dedicated and experienced teacher.


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