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No. 20/1, 3rd Floor, 24th Main, Off 15th Cross, 6th Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka Pincode/ Zipcode - 560078

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Unlock Harmony with Ashmayu Yoga

Welcome to Ashmayu Yoga, where individuals experience the convergence of ancient wisdom and contemporary yogic practices in the heart of Bengaluru. Upon entering this yoga haven, visitors embark on a holistic journey towards well-being and self-discovery.

Nestled in the picturesque and serene surroundings adorned with lakes in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Ashmayu Yoga, founded in 2015 by Sireesha and Naveen, stands as an ideal academy for learning yoga. Offering a diverse range of courses suitable for all ages, the academy aims to leave participants thoroughly healed and rejuvenated. With a commitment to serving humanity through the science of yoga, Sireesha, and Naveen passionately dedicate themselves to bringing transformative experiences to individuals worldwide through their training in holistic yoga health practices.

Yoga in Bengaluru: Cityscape Meets Serenity

In Bengaluru, Ashmayu Yoga enriches the yoga experience by seamlessly blending tradition and modernity. The academy, led by a dedicated team of experts, is on a mission to share the profound wisdom of yoga with its students. Committed to creating a transformative journey, Ashmayu Yoga strives to assist individuals in exploring and deepening their practice. The aim is to foster a profound connection with the dormant inner light within each student. Against the dynamic backdrop of Bengaluru’s charm, each yoga session at Ashmayu Yoga offers a unique fusion of ancient practices and contemporary approaches. This synthesis not only enhances the physical practice but also encourages a holistic exploration, guiding participants towards a more profound understanding of themselves and the ancient art of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bengaluru:

Start on the journey to becoming a skilled yoga teacher with Ashmayu Yoga Academy’s Teacher Training Course in Bengaluru. Learn various forms of yoga, from classical Hatha to modern styles like anti-gravity and power yoga. The academy focuses on overall well-being, covering physical, mental, social, and emotional health through practices like pranayama, meditation, healing, and therapy. Seasoned mentors guide you in honing your teaching skills. The training equips practitioners with a practical approach to handle real-world challenges, making it an accessible and enriching experience for anyone aspiring to master the art of yoga.

Yoga Courses in Bengaluru:

Crafting wellness with a focus on knowledge and practice, Ashmayu offers a range of yoga courses in Bengaluru that cater to diverse needs. Whether an individual is a novice seeking foundational understanding or a yogi eager to delve deeper, Ashmayu’s courses are thoughtfully designed to meet each person’s unique requirements.

Exploring the Yoga Center in Bengaluru:

In the heart of Bengaluru, Ashmayu Yoga Centre serves as a sanctuary for rejuvenation, bridging the realms of Zen and zest. Affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA, the institute, led by a team of experts in yoga, ayurveda, health coaching, alternative healing, fitness, and nutrition, extends international teaching certification through its 200-hour Level & 300-hour Level 2 teacher training programs.

This space is thoughtfully designed with required props for learning yoga, features a personal therapy room catering to individual student needs. Ashmayu Yoga Institute, growing in popularity, has impacted numerous individuals and conducted corporate workshops with organisations like Amazon, LinkedIn, TVS, fostering healthier workplaces.

Start on a transformative journey with Ashmayu Yoga, where each breath signifies a step towards wellness. In Bengaluru’s vibrant tapestry, discover your sanctuary for yoga, self-discovery, and holistic well-being. Join Ashmayu, where the ancient art of yoga converges with the pulsating heart of the city, initiating your path to tranquillity.

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