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G 9, Sri Krupa Plaza, S T V Nagar, AIR Bypass Road, Tirupathi Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh Pincode/ Zipcode - 517501

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Arhatic Prana Yoga in Chitoor


Sri C Kailash, the esteemed President of All India Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundations Trust, stands as a prominent figure in the field of energy healing and Arhatic Yoga. Serving as the apex authority for all Pranic Healing activities, he is renowned for his expertise as an energy healer and trainer. His profound knowledge encompasses the teachings of energy healing and Arhatic Yoga, utilising subtle energies to bring about transformation on both the physical and psychological planes.

Arhatic Yoga, regarded as a synthesis of all yoga, offers an accelerated path to learning and development. It goes beyond enhancing the physical body’s strength and vitality, focusing on refining the mind, clearing negative emotions, and fostering positive habits and behaviours. Sri C Kailash emphasises that spirituality is a lifelong journey, advocating its practice from birth to the last breath. Karma, according to him, is not fatalistic; it represents the future within one’s control. Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga provide techniques for building this future through consistent practice and adaptation.

Additionally, Arhatic Prana Yoga, under the guidance of Sri C Kailash, offers various courses, each designed to delve into different aspects of spiritual and holistic development.

These courses include:

  1. Secrets of Nature – Level I (Basic)
  2. Secrets of Nature – Level II (Advanced)
  3. Secrets of Nature – Level III (Psychotherapy)
  4. Hamsa Veda Yogam & Levels
  5. Secrets of Nature – Level IV (Crystals)
  6. Secrets of Nature – Level V (Psychic Self Defence)
  7. Secrets of Nature – Level VI (Skin Health)
  8. Secrets of Nature – Level VII (Fengshui)

Furthermore, Sri C Kailash, specially initiated by his Guru Grand Master Choa Kok Sui in January 2000, played a pivotal role in shaping the current status of Pranic Healing. Entrusted with significant projects and missions, he dedicates his life to researching, experimenting, and validating the teachings of Arhatic Yoga and Pranic Healing. Through enlightening workshops and retreats, he facilitates spiritual and material growth, embodying an unparalleled dedication to the service of humanity, a mission entrusted to him by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

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