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Anadi Yoga Centre

Nagar Panchayat Jonk Swarg Ashram Near Hotel, Gayatri Kunj Ram Jhula, Rishikesh City Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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Anadi Yoga Centre, Rishikesh: Nurturing the Essence of Yoga

Welcome to Anadi Yoga Centre, a residential yoga teacher training school nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Rishikesh, the ‘Yoga Capital of the World.’ As seekers of tranquility often find, the true beauty of Rishikesh lies in surrendering expectations. A mystic land with an air of serenity, Rishikesh beckons those in search of peace and spiritual enlightenment.

About Anadi Yoga Centre, Rishikesh

Anadi Yoga Centre stands as a testament to the deep-rooted yogic traditions that thrive in Rishikesh. With the vision of ‘Uttishat Jagrat Prapya Varranibodhat,’ meaning ‘Arise, awake…get enlightened from the realised one,’ the centre is committed to unraveling the lost fragments of yoga through disciplined practice and dedicated study.

The team at Anadi Yoga Centre, with years of collective experience in the realm of yoga, joined forces to create a haven for yoga enthusiasts worldwide. Rooted in the philosophy of Anadi, the teachings are imparted with passion, compassion, and devotion. Each teacher contributes a unique style, creativity, and authenticity to the ever-evolving platform of Anadi, focusing on the theory of yoga, principles of alignment, and infusing traditional approaches with innovative methods.

Why Choose Anadi Yoga Centre?

Holistic Lifestyle: Anadi Yoga Centre is not just a school; it’s a lifestyle. The centre is dedicated to providing an authentic and enriching environment for students to study, practice, and delve deeper into their spiritual paths.

Saatvic Meals: Embracing the principles of Ayurveda and Vedic traditions, the centre offers three Saatvic meals, nourishing the body and mind in alignment with yogic principles.

Peaceful Accommodation: The accommodation at Anadi Yoga Centre is designed for peace and meditation, providing a tranquil space for yogic practices.

Registered Yoga School: Certified by Yoga Alliance (RYS 200, 300, 500), the centre offers comprehensive and accredited yoga teacher training courses.

Variety of Courses: Anadi Yoga Centre provides 200, 300, and 500-hour residential yoga teacher training courses. These courses span four to eight weeks, offering a deep dive into traditional Hatha Yoga practices and philosophy.

Inclusive Fees: The course fees cover essentials such as food, private accommodation with attached baths, course materials, and local sightseeing, including sacred Ganga River rafting and Himalayan foothills trekking.

Wholesome Experience: Committed to providing a scientific and wholesome yogic experience, Anadi Yoga Centre expects the same discipline and diligence from its students.

Why People Should Visit Anadi Yoga Centre?

Authentic Yogic Environment: Immerse yourself in an authentic yogic atmosphere that respects tradition while embracing innovation.

Spiritual Exploration: Rishikesh, known as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World,’ provides the perfect backdrop for spiritual exploration and self-discovery.

Certified Courses: Enroll in certified courses recognised by Yoga Alliance, ensuring a high standard of yoga education.

Holistic Well-being: Experience holistic well-being with Saatvic meals, peaceful accommodation, and a curriculum designed for mind, body, and soul.

Cultural Immersion: Discover the rich and spiritual culture of Rishikesh, enhancing your yogic journey with local sightseeing activities.

Embark on a transformative journey with Anadi Yoga Centre in Rishikesh—a sanctuary where the ancient wisdom of yoga meets modern aspirations for a balanced and fulfilling life.


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