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Amrita School of Meditation Healing & Chi Kung

EPON 20 IRAKLION Irakleion 70100 Greece

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Amrita School of Meditation Healing & Chi Kung: Awakening the Self in Greece

Nestled in the serene embrace of Greece, the Amrita School of Meditation Healing & Chi Kung stands as a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual growth and self-realization. This esteemed institution offers a diverse array of teachings and practices, drawing from the rich tapestry of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, Taoism, Kabbalah, Kashmir Shaivism, Shamanism, and various schools of Chi Kung.

At Amrita, participants embark on a transformative journey, exploring the profound interconnectedness of the self and consciousness.

Through expertly crafted seminars and workshops, individuals are guided towards:

  • Emotional healing and the pursuit of inner harmony
  • Cultivating happiness, prosperity, and a deep sense of well-being
  • Understanding the nature of the self and its relationship with the world around

Recognized by Yoga Alliance International (YAI), Amrita offers a certified 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training program under the guidance of M. Mourtzis. This comprehensive program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to share the art of meditation with others, fostering a ripple effect of mindfulness and inner peace.

Amidst the spiritual vibrations of Greece, Amrita School of Meditation Healing & Chi Kung beckons those seeking to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Here, in the cradle of ancient wisdom, you will find:

  1. An opportunity to delve into various spiritual traditions, each offering unique perspectives and practices to awaken the divine within.
  2. Immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of the mundane allow you to connect with the primordial state of clarity, simplicity, and love that resides within.
  3. A sanctuary where you can find respite from the distractions of modern life, enabling you to cultivate self-awareness and observe your thoughts, emotions, and physical being with newfound clarity.
  4. Guided visualizations and relaxation techniques that facilitate a deep exploration of the self, promoting emotional healing and reducing the impact of stress on your well-being.
  5. A nurturing environment that fosters personal growth, harmony, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness that binds all living beings.

Whether you are a beginner on the spiritual path or an experienced seeker, the Amrita School of Meditation, Healing, & Chi Kung in Greece offers a sanctuary where you can reconnect with the divine essence within and around you, unlocking the gateway to profound transformation and inner peace.

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