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Journey with Akshat Yoga School: Where Zen Meets the Sunny Shores of South Goa

Welcome to Akshat Yoga School, where the sun-kissed beaches of South Goa meet the ancient wisdom of yoga. If you’re on a quest for holistic well-being and a touch of quirky tranquility, you’ve found your sanctuary!

Located in the mesmerizing scenic and paradisiacal location of Goa, Akshat Yoga School, affiliated with Yoga Alliance, bestows on you the traditional teachings of yoga infused amidst the golden beaches and palm trees of Goa, enriching your lifestyle with a perfectly balanced body, mind, and soul.

200 hour Yoga in South Goa

Rejuvenate with a Splash: Immerse yourself in our 200-hour yoga courses designed to recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Feel the therapeutic embrace of South Goa’s coastal vibes as you stretch and flow.

Anywhere, Anytime Yoga: Can’t make it to our sunny haven? No worries! Experience the essence of Akshat Yoga through our online classes. Whether you’re in South Goa or anywhere globally, your yoga journey begins with just a click.

Their 200-hour teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Pranayama includes a comprehensive knowledge of the authentic, traditional, and ancient wisdom of yoga and pranayama, providing the requisite knowledge and expertise in the teaching methodology and the teacher-student relationship, including the adjustment and alignment techniques while performing the asanas, and helping their aspiring participants from all over the world to become confident yoga teachers.

The Akshat Experience with Yoga in South Goa:

Sun Salutations on the Sand: Imagine yourself performing sun salutations on the pristine beaches of South Goa. Our unique outdoor sessions redefine your yoga experience, connecting you with nature’s energy.

Chai and Chakras: Unwind after a session with our signature chai and chakras ritual. It’s not just yoga; it’s a celebration of holistic living that combines ancient practices with a dash of contemporary charm.

Akshat Yoga School, with its centers in Goa, Kerala, and Rishikesh, specializes in theoretical and practical knowledge in Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Mudra Yoga, Basic Asanas, Anatomy, Physiology, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Shatkriya, and Mantra Chanting. Courses are offered from beginners to intermediates to advanced practitioners, providing the leverage of learning yoga to all.

Akshat Yoga in India:

India, the birthplace of yoga, welcomes you to delve into its rich yogic heritage at Akshat Yoga School. Our instructors bring authenticity to every pose, ensuring you experience yoga in its purest form.

In addition, Akshat Yoga School is situated in the vicinity of South Goa, which is famous for its exotic beaches, rich history, traditional culture, palatable food, lush greenery, and tranquil vibe.

Embark on Your Yoga Journey:
Ready to transcend the ordinary? Join Akshat Yoga School for a transformative journey within. Begin your odyssey towards wellness, balance, and a touch of South Goa’s laid-back spirit.

At Akshat Yoga School, we invite you to go beyond the asanas. It’s not just about yoga; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that resonates with the rhythm of South Goa. Join us on the mat, whether it’s under the Goan sun or in the comfort of your home through our online classes. Akshat Yoga School: where Zen meets the vibrant energy of South Goa.

Experience yoga like never before – join Akshat Yoga School today!

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